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Architectural services

With our construction and fabrication capabilities, we approach architecture a little differently.

Having met and studied at Sci-Arc, partners and architects Ramsey Daham and Philip Knight pursue architecture that that anchors design around key elements to change perspective and how people engage with the building.

Breakform Design's team oversees the design, drawings, and delivery of one-of-a-kind projects. As the lead architect, or in some cases the architect of record and/or builder, we approach each project as a synthesis of many ideas, conversations, and specifications.


Working with clients and teams, we find creative ways to engineer and integrate cool architectural elements: doors, staircases, windows, and façade systems that all too often get lost.


Key approaches throughout our architectural projects are balancing the streetscape, preserving mature trees, orienting buildings to maximize privacy and create unique views, and integrating sustainability.


Our projects often feature a mix of materials, ample use of glass, integration of nature, and specification of efficient systems.

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