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Multifamily and Mixed-Use Architectural Projects

Our work designing the architecture of multifamily/mixed-use projects embodies Breakform Design’s commitment to culture and community. 


To advance our understanding of the housing need in Los Angeles, we researched and started helping real estate clients to secure density bonuses in exchange for creating more affordable housing while growing the scale of progressive architecture projects that shape people’s daily lives. Highlights in our portfolio include Caswell Apartments in 2017, Rennie Row​ in 2021, and the forthcoming Mitchell Apartments.

In December 2023, Breakform Design received approval for a 60% density bonus to for a 16-unit apartment building with three affordable units on the Venice Boardwalk. Our portfolio includes a number of larger multifamily/mixed-use projects awaiting permits to commence construction.

Capabilities: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Fabrication, Construction

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