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Adding Value

Breakform Design is a full-service, integrated architecture, fabrication, and construction firm located in El Segundo, California.

We work for a wide

range of end-users

Developers, homeowners, architects, artists, general contractors, production designers, restauranteurs, celebrities, and more.

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Progressive Design

From serving on the Land Use and Planning Committee in Venice to completing hundreds of projects, Breakform Design excels at navigating the complexity of realizing progressive design in historic and culturally sensitive contexts.

We understand how to work between communities and clients to get projects built.

230 Horizon Ave.


Integrated Fabrication

+ Construction

Providing both fabrication and construction services, Breakform Design gives the clients and architects the confidence of working strategically across scales — from the door handle to the city block.


No details go unnoticed or unresolved.

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Collaborative Network

The integrated nature of our firm’s services places our team in contact with a wide network of collaborators, ranging from other design professionals and contractors to suppliers and manufacturers.


This allows us to approach projects from multiple angles and sources, to provide what’s best for both clients and communities.


Quality of Work

A team of professional architects, designers, fabricators, and buildings, Breakform Design works diligently to ensure the quality of our work remains high for each project we work on.


Our repeat clients and collaborators are a testament to the high level of satisfaction with the work we do.

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Grand Canal Residence


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