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Fabrication Services in Los Angeles

Beginning with the remodel and restoration of the Sheats-Goldstein Residence, Breakform Design has mastered fabricating a range of projects with cost-effective materials and details for a variety of houses and commercial buildings and interiors.

Capabilities: Structures & Environments; Custom Staircases; Fences, Gates & Security Barriers; Glazing & Reflections, Interior Furnishings

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Breakform Design Stahl House


Homeowners of significant and historical properties entrust Breakform Fabrication to address a range of highly specific needs on the micro to macro scales. Our portfolio includes The Sheats–Goldstein Residence and Stahl House (Case Study House #22).

Custom Staircases

Whether indoors or outdoors, custom staircases have always been a way to distinguish your everyday experience of walking within and around. Over the years, Breakform Fabrication has hand-built over 40 staircases.

Breakform Design - Custom Staircases
Breakform Design Fences, Gates, Security Barriers

Fences, Gates & Security Barriers

Some of Breakform Fabrication's favorite projects involve working on unique outdoor projects. Working with raw materials, we have elevated properties by adding custom mailboxes and perimeter barriers.


Clients are often seeking to spruce up their property but don't want to design a major architectural overhaul. Breakform Fabrication has crafted fenestration strategies that meet their functional needs while giving a new identity.

Breakform Design Glazing & Reflection
Breakform Design Interior Furnishing

Interior Furnishings

At the scale of interior built-ins and one-off furnishing, Breakform Fabrication meticulously sources, pieces, welds, assembles and finalizes each product. Our portfolio includes restoration, reproduction and new construction.

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