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Breakform Design

Where design and construction break form.

Working from Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe, Breakform Design leads the architecture, fabrication, and construction of unique houses, multifamily/mixed-use development, and commercial buildings & interiors.


Recent projects demonstrating the breadth of Breakform Design's capabilities include the construction of the Piedra Morada Residence designed by architect Glen Arani; the architecture and construction of the Palms Residence in Venice; and the design of Rennie Row, a seven-unit multifamily development, also in Venice.


Designing and Building
Novel Solutions

A team of architects and builders, Breakform Design’s multifaceted approach informs clients, architects, and designers on the creative potential for their projects early on.


From feasibility studies and site planning to full-service architecture and general construction, Breakform Design has more than twenty years of experience analyzing sites, designs, drawings, and models to develop innovative, novel solutions across scale and budgets.


Breakform Design has completed a robust portfolio of progressive projects in Venice, Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Hills, Pacific Palisades, and Marina Del Ray, in addition to pursuits in Idaho and Nevada. 

Rooted in Fabrication,
Executed in Detail

With a background in architecture at Sci-Arc, Ramsey Daham launched Breakform Design as a fabrication studio working on windows, doors, staircases, fences, gates, glazing, and furniture.

Since this time, the firm has learned the art of collaborating with other creatives in executing their ideas with precision and quality with challenging budgets and timeframes.


Working in a shop adjacent to the architecture and operations team, Breakform's fabrication team has completed detailed custom elements of celebrity homes, luxury retail flagships, restaurants, and shops.

Engaged in Design Conversations for Urban Transformation

A team of architects, fabricators and tradesmen, Breakform Design’s team has executed novel designs and has actively engaged in conversations around change through our involvement in the Venice Neighborhood Council Land Use & Planning Committee, as well as similar organizations in the areas in which we work. Our belief is that architects should not only be the creators but also facilitators of design. In support of community-oriented projects, Breakform Design has researched and strategized assisting clients through the process of securing density bonuses to build more affordable housing in Los Angeles.

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