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Sarah's Single-Family Custom Designed Home in the Venice Canals

At Breakform Design, we took on a compelling project with Sarah's single-family custom-designed home in the Venice Canals. The idea was to balance individuality, functionality, and aesthetics to deliver a remarkable custom design house that would serve as an exemplar for future projects.

Crafting a Unique Custom Home Design


Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 5

Square Footage: 3,851 sq ft

Architect: Breakform Design
Interior Design: Breakform Design, Adina Interiors
Roof Decking System: Bison Pedestal System
General Contractor: Breakform Construction
Kitchen Appliances: Dacor Appliances
Photographer: Neue Focus
Metal Fabrication: Breakform Fabrication
Doors & Windows: Fleetwood Window


Our approach involved collaborative innovation and a deep understanding of Sarah's vision. Through intensive consultations and meticulous planning, we incorporated her unique preferences and lifestyle into the custom home design. Our team of experts meticulously considered every detail, from spatial dynamics to material selection, to ensure that this custom design house perfectly embodied her aspirations.


We embraced the latest trends in sustainable design, technology integration, and luxurious aesthetics. Our design process was transparent and inclusive, ensuring Sarah's active participation in every decision. This collaborative journey empowered her to grasp the intricacies of how to design a custom home, demystifying the process for future homeowners.

A Masterpiece of Custom Home Design

The result is Sarah's single-family custom-designed home, a true masterpiece of custom home design that showcases the possibilities of how to design a custom home. This custom design house seamlessly blends form and function, reflecting her personality and lifestyle.


With every detail carefully considered, from the architecturally striking exterior to the meticulously designed interior spaces, this project has become an inspirational benchmark for custom homes in the Venice Canals. Sarah's journey, from envisioning her dream home to witnessing its realization, stands as a testament to our commitment to exceptional custom home design.

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