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Breakform Design: Where design and construction break form.

Our firm name, "breakform," is a testament to our roots in fabrication, symbolizing the transformative process by which metal gets bent and ideas become molded into physical reality. Knowledgable in history to look forward, we have a "Bauhaus" of doing architecture.

Breakform Design Office

Headquartered in Los Angeles since 2002, with an outpost in Lake Tahoe since 2022, Breakform Design's 20+ person team blends architectural design, project management, and construction skills with cutting-edge fabrication capabilities.


Our work across architecture, fabrication, and construction bridges gaps between industries, setting us apart as an innovator both in our field and on the job site.

At Breakform Design, constraints imposed by site, context, climate, community, and culture inspire our team and collaborators to create opportunities to approach each project differently while building on over twenty years of experience and knowing what it takes to get multilayered projects finished.

Our firm philosophy is rooted and driven in response to the diverse range of opportunities for us as architects to weigh-in. As architects and builders, we bring extensive research, in-house expertise, and multiple perspectives to each project. 


Whether leading the architectural design or working as fabricator or contractor to realize another design, Breakform Design's portfolio comprises a mix of site-inspired houses, multi-family and mixed-use developments with affordable units, and hospitality-driven commercial projects.

Breakform Design's artist, architect, and celebrity collaborators include Frank Gehry, Larry Scarpa, Tom Kundig, David Montalba, Mike Rotondi, Prada, Will.i.Am, Queen Latifah, Zimmer, Neil Lane, Malo, and Revolve, among others.

Ramsey Daham Breakform Design Founder

Ramsey Daham

Founder and President / Principal Architect

Ramsey Daham

Founder and President

Principal Architect

Founder and President of Breakform Design, Ramsey Daham is a licensed architect and general contractor. Under Ramsey’s leadership, Breakform Design has evolved from a small metal shop to a highly respected and fully-integrated design + build + fabrication office.

Ramsey is a two-time elected board member to the Venice Neighborhood Council’s Land Use and Planning Committee and is actively involved in the local community. He has a Master of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture and a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Architecture from University at Buffalo. When work allows, he can be found on the golf course.

Philip Knight Breakform Design Partner

Philip Knight

Partner / Design Director

Philip Knight

Partner / Design Director

As the Design Director and Partner of the Architecture side of Breakform Design, Phil has been leading projects since his first day in the office. Phil brings our client’s visions and program needs to life in unique and resolved ways. He works closely with our project teams and is highly involved in all phases of our projects, from concept to built project and everything between. Phil has been with Breakform Design since 2011.

Phil is influenced by his international architectural experience while working at large firms after Grad school. He has worked on projects in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Finland, Poland, and all over the United States. He has a Master of Architecture degree from Southern California Institute of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a Minor in Community Development from Portland State University. When he finds time to be away from the office, he can be found in the mountains with his family. 

Leadership and Design Team

Csaba Oszkay Breakform Design Construction Project Manager

Csaba Oszkay

Construction Project Manager

Csaba Oszkay

Construction Project Manager

Csaba is a Site Supervisor with 30 years of experience in residential construction.  His previous projects include approximately 15 new custom residences and 100 major residential renovations. He has been a licensed General Contractor since 1986.

TAS OSZKAY Breakform Design Construction Project Manager

Tas Oszkay

Construction Project Manager

Tas Oszkay

Construction Project Manager

At Breakform Design for over ten years, Tas Oszkay started as a fabricator and installer and worked his way up to his current position as Senior Construction Officer. Prior to Breakform, Tas honed his skills as a project architect for Marmol Radziner and a staff architect for the late Tomas Lugo; he also spent time in construction management for a family-run business. He’s the recipient of several industry awards and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and his Master’s degree in Architecture from UCLA. He was born in San Rafael, CA, and grew up in Milwaukee, WI.

CARLOS REGIS Breakform Design Project Designer

Carlos Regis

Project Designer

Carlos Regis

Architectural Designer

Originally from Bakersfield and living in Los Angeles since 2017, Carlos received a Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and a Master’s degree in Architecture from NewSchool of Architecture & Design in San Diego. Carlos has worked on our single family homes & Multi family projects over the past 5.5 years at Breakform Design. Whether it's hiking or camping, Carlos enjoys spending time outdoors in nature. 

Billy Diep Breakform Design Architectural Project Manager

Billy Diep

Architectural Project Manager

Job Captain

Billy Diep

Architectural Project Manager

Job Captain

Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, and has been living in Los Angeles since 2008. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture and Master degree in architecture and robotics from University of California, Los Angeles. Throughout his architecture career working for local and international firms, he has been experienced with different project typologies, fabrication technologies, and skill sets. He enjoys designing and is fascinated with new advanced technology. Besides architecture, he likes to cook, play basketball, enjoy anime, games, visual art, and spend hours assembling Gundam.

NEGIN HAERI Breakform Design Interior Designer

Negin Haeri

Architectural Project Manager

Interior Designer

Negin Haeri

Architectural Project Manager

Interior Designer

Born and raised in Tehran, Negin is a graduate of the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Over the past 4.5 years at Breakform Design, she has worked on architectural design and interior design as well as managing the permitting process at the various City’s we work in. She works on projects of all scales, from single family home remodels, to large mixed use projects.  Prior to joining Breakform Design in 2018, she worked with CNC Machines, a laser cutting and 3D printing fabrication shop. Outside of architecture, she enjoys yoga, surfing, painting murals, and listening to audiobooks.


Jacob Struble

Junior Designer

Jacob Struble

Junior Designer

Joining Breakform Design in 2021, Jacob Struble is a junior designer assisting the team throughout the architectural process from concept to construction. He graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, Pomona in 2021 and studied abroad in Germany, where he gained a greater appreciation for the world of architecture and what is possible in both design and networking. He has worked on multi family and single family homes in his time with us. Jacob enjoys focusing on architectural details throughout the design process. In his spare time, he can be found hiking, sketching, and reading non-fiction.

Juan Fuentes Breakform Design Fabrication Lead

Juan Fuentes

Fabrication Lead

Juan Fuentes

Fabrication Lead

As lead metal fabricator at Breakform Design, Juan Fuentes has 35 years of experience working with all types of metals. He has worked with metals such as steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper, and aluminum. In his 35 years as a metal fabricator, he has worked for Gregory (Gadget) Abbott, Sallie Trout, Tom Farrage, and Lisa Krohn. Juan's work spreads from San Francisco to Los Angeles. He is meticulous and patient with the projects given to him, making him the best metal fabricator anyone can find. 

Gus Bernal Breakform Design Fabrication Project Manager

Gus Bernal

Fabrication Project Manager

Gus Bernal

Fabrication Project Manager

As Breakform Design’s Chief Technical Officer, Augustin Bernal has considerable experience in design and fabrication, electrical design, CAD, and computer science. A Los Angeles transplant formerly from Chicago, he’s held acclaimed roles at a variety of respected firms and companies, including Fiberglass Works, Norman Kelley, NK Design, Mads Christiansen, and Lucky 13. His work is widely informed by personal hobbies and interests, from art and design to 3D printing and photography. Augustin has a Master of Architecture from SCI-Arc in Los Angeles, a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Art History from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a Computer Science degree from Udacity.

Picture of Tiare Hudson

Tiare Hudson

Office Manager

Tiare Hudson

Office Manager

Tiare Hudson has worked as Breakform Design’s Admin since September 2018. Originally from Wailuku Maui, Tiare earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, hiking, and reading.

Corinne Cahill Breakform Design Controller

Corinne Cahill


Corinne Cahill


Corinne Cahill works as Breakform Design’s Finance Manager relying on over 20 years of financial experience across accounting, bookkeeping, and business management for entrepreneurial ventures. She’s been with Breakform Design since 2014, is a Certified Tax Preparer, and earned her degree in accounting in Sydney, Australia.

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